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Newlife Electronics LLC

Last September we had the opportunity to spend some time with business owner Gordon Mills and learn a little about his unique business, the kind of employees that Sacramento Works has been fortunate to assist him in finding, and how Newlife Electronics has weathered COVID-19.

Newlife opened in 2009 and describes itself as “A Family business where we pride ourselves on being community-oriented and supportive of all the Schools and Non-Profits that we have the opportunity to serve.” The company was built on Gordon’s many years of experience working with Hewlett Packard and local recycling firm SIMS Lifecycle Services in a similar role. Now Newlife still works with HP as well as many other organizations to acquire, repair and re-sell a wide variety of electronic equipment ready for a second life.

Gordon clearly sees the company recovering and he is eager to train prospective employees with relevant skills including inventory management, parts handling, part identification, and more.

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The best thing was 75% of pay covered for 9 or 10 weeks. It gives me the ability to hire people I might not otherwise be able to hire.