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About Us

The Sacramento Works Job Center System provides resources and services to employers and job seekers in Sacramento County. Planning, policy, and oversight for the system is the responsibility of Sacramento Works, Inc., the Workforce Development Board, a 27-member volunteer board of directors.
Services, resources, workforce development sector strategies, training programs, and services to employers are provided by the staff of Workforce Development Department of the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, the Employment Development Department and over 40 community workforce development partners.

Sacramento Works is building a dynamic workforce for the Sacramento Region by partnering with the workforce community to serve regional employment needs.


  1. Prepare customers for viable employment opportunities and career pathways in the region by improving the job center and training center system.
  2. Support regional employers’ efforts to hire, train, and transition employees by enhancing and communicating the availability and value of Sacramento Works’ employer and business services.
  3. Prepare youth to thrive and succeed in the regional workforce by providing relevant work readiness and employment programs and engaging regional employers and academia.

Our Board

Composition of the Sacramento Works, Inc. Board

The majority representation on this 27-member board is business and industry. Other sectors represented on the Sacramento Works, Inc. board include education, labor, rehabilitation and state employment services, public assistance agencies, community-based organizations as well as local economic development interests.

Private Sector

Representatives of the Private Sector, shall constitute a majority of the membership of the Board and are to be owners of business concerns, chief executives or chief operating officers of non-governmental employers, or other private sector executives who have substantial management or policy responsibility. Private Sector representatives shall be selected from nominations made by general-purpose business organizations.

Education Sector

Education representatives shall be selected from nominations made by local educational agencies, vocational education institutions, or institutions of higher education. General organizations of such agencies or institutions, institutions of higher education, or general organizations of such agencies or institutions can also nominate an education representative. Private and proprietary schools or general organizations of such schools, within the City and County of Sacramento are also eligible to have representation on the Sacramento Works, Inc. board. Individuals wishing to apply for membership need to contact one of these entities and request a letter of recommendation.

Labor Sector

Labor representatives are recommended by recognized State and local labor organizations or appropriate building trades councils.

Community-based Organizations

Community-based Organization representatives shall be recommended by community organizations.

Other represented sectors on the Sacramento Works, Inc. board are:

  • Economic Development Sector
  • Public Employment Service Sector
  • Rehabilitation Agency Sector
  • Public Assistance Agency
  • Letters of recommendation for individuals shall come from organizations that represent these sectors.

Application/Appointment Process

Those wishing to apply for membership on the Sacramento Works, Inc. board are asked to fill out an application form. Workforce Development Board Application