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Alto Ingredients

For years, Alto Ingredients built a name for itself by transforming corn into specialty products. So, when markets shifted, leadership recognized the potential in reshaping the company itself. Ed Baker, Alto Ingredients’ Human Resources VP, notes that workforce development agencies, including SETA Sacramento Works, have been a key resource for the company along this journey.

Founded in 2003 as Pacific Ethanol, Alto Ingredients has diversified its offerings over the years and shifted its scope beyond fuel ethanol to a variety of corn-based specialty alcohols and ingredients. Alto Ingredients is committed to making everyday products better. Currently, the company develops products for four key markets: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, and Renewable Fuels.

One key moment in Alto Ingredients’ history was its decision to build its own production facilities. By 2009, the company had built four production facilities in the Western states. This expansion required the hiring expertise of workforce development agencies including SETA Sacramento Works.

Sacramento Works not only provided staffing resources, it helped manage and coordinate employer/employee relationships over time, thanks to its networks, training programs, and recruitment strategies. All told Alto Ingredients hired close to 400 employees in the western US during that important expansion period.

Now, Alto Ingredients is transforming yet again. Leadership is responding to changing fuel standards and decreasing fuel production in favor of increasing specialty alcohol production. Alto is committed to producing ingredients that embody the highest levels of integrity, purity, and quality for products that touch multiple areas of people’s lives.

Our values are rooted deep within the foundation of our company. Our ethos is built on trust, and an unwavering commitment to our employees, investors, partners, consumers, and the planet we all share. From integrating innovative practices at our facilities that ensure optimal efficiency to contributing to a lower carbon footprint with our ethanol fuel to giving back to the community through food drives and participation in charitable organizations, Alto has — and always will — represent responsibility, integrity, and a commitment to quality.

As with previous company changes, SETA Sacramento Works is here to help Alto Ingredients manage vital staffing needs. Because if there is one thing that is clear in Alto Ingredients’ journey, it’s that adaptability has been key to their success.

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