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Old Navy

Old Navy knows that in today’s job market, employee training is valuable. Through their job training programs, Old Navy builds loyalty with their new recruits, some stay for long-term careers at the company.

Since 2019, Old Navy and SETA/Sacramento Works host a ten-week summer internship program for first-time workers. Sacramento Works teaches the interns basic job skills who then trains in-person with a designated team member at Old Navy.

After their internship, the trainees have an opportunity to interview for long-term positions at Old Navy. Ken Kurahara, a General Manager at Old Navy, notes that even if interns don’t stay with the company, the program is worth it. “I’m happy to bring on a young person for their first opportunity; I feel like I’m building their talent for wherever they end up,” Ken says.

The program has a great retention rate. Trainees stay an average of two years. This is an exceptional amount of time in the retail world—the industry’s overall annual separation rate is 64%. There are a number of trainees who have stayed longer as well. Two have even moved into management positions.

Old Navy and the staff at Sacramento Works are pleased with the Sacramento-area program and hope to expand it to include more stores soon. Ken notes, “everyone we’re bringing on, our staff are loving them.”

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Everyone we’re bringing on, our staff are loving them.