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Elevator Controls (EC) specializes in the development and manufacturing of circuit boards and control panels for elevator systems. Founded in 1986 by two local entrepreneurs in Sacramento, EC became part of the Vantage Elevation family a few years ago while retaining the esteemed name and principles of a company with nearly four decades of heritage.

We maintain complete ownership of the production cycle, encompassing everything from the sale of control panels to the customization, manufacturing, and shipping processes. Our end-to-end operations are entirely in-house. Additionally, we implement rigorous quality control and testing procedures at various stages to ensure a top-tier product with every production run. Our process is still best in class due to our continuous improvement of all processes.

Our product line is distinguished by its bespoke nature, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual client. This approach positions us as a niche industry leader, capable of delivering tailored solutions.

Currently, we have openings for a Stockroom and Inventory Clerk, a Technical Support Agent, and a Wire Puller. We plan to add members to the second shift team in 2024 as we project higher sales for Elevator Controls. This expansion will likely include Test Technicians, Mechanical Assemblers, Wire Assemblers, Wire Pullers, and a Shipping and Receiving Clerk.

An essential skill within the company is proficiency in comprehending electrical schematics, which holds significant importance across various positions. This skill extends beyond merely reading voltages; it encompasses the interpretation of designs, interactions, and other related aspects.

“My collaboration with SETA has been consistently positive. While we all have our professional responsibilities, the interpersonal aspect and the impression people leave matter greatly to me. Through SETA, I’ve had the privilege of making valuable connections, particularly with organizations like La Familia. The Spring Expo Job Fair was a notable event that brought together diverse groups, not only job candidates but also various community organizations. SETA played a crucial role in facilitating connections with approximately five or six local agencies during the job fair. In summary, my experience with SETA Sacramento Works has been nothing but positive, and I have high regard for their services.
— H. Purtz”
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