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Villara Building Systems

Originally founded as Beutler Heating and Air Conditioning in 1947, Villara Building Systems has successfully grown and evolved through the decades. Thanks to a partnership with SETA/Sacramento Works, the company has been able to retrain and retain key employees through major economic shifts and changes in their business.

Having started out as a small family business, Villara has evolved to be a major player in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. The company has locations throughout California and has expanded its offerings to include solar installation and patented water and electrical products.

However, the company’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. Villara first partnered with Sacramento Works in 2008 when it downsized in response to the recession. The company had to reduce its staff size and retrain many of its remaining employees.

It was during this time that Villara chose to diversify and add solar and plumbing to its services. Sacramento Works’ employee retraining programs helped Villara prepare its employees to adapt to these new company diversifications.

Now, Sacramento Works and Villara maintain an ongoing partnership to meet the company’s staffing goals. Sacramento Works provides access to job candidates who are hard to reach. As Villara builds diversifications for the years ahead, its leadership can rest assured that they will have a partner for recruiting, retaining, and retraining top talent.

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We really needed to retrain a lot of our employees into the different facets of our business and SETA/Sacramento Works provided the funding to help… that was huge for us.