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H2H Education and Training

Under the current circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, the hospitality and lodging industry has been hit particularly severely. Across California, hotels, resorts and other facilities have been forced to close or to cut back operations dramatically, and to lay off or furlough hundreds of thousands of workers. While this crisis will pass, and travel and lodging will resume, there is no clear timeline for recovery, nor is it certain what the industry will look like in the aftermath.

While these are challenging times, they may also lead to an opportunity for one to pursue education, skill development, or a new career pathway. The California Community Colleges are here to help Californians across the state achieve these goals. The following are a number of valuable resources that can assist laid-off workers seeking to enter the community college system. Please bear in mind that this is general information and reach out to your local school(s) for more specifics.

Resources for Displaced Workers from the Community College System

Financial Aid: A variety of financial aid is available to help students and families cover the costs of college education, including fees, books, and other expenses. Most students are eligible for some form of financial aid, so all students should apply. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) gathers information from all applicants and a federal formula is used to compute a student’s eligibility.

California College Promise Grant: For eligible California residents, the California Community Colleges Promise Grant permits enrollment fees to be waived. (Assistance for the purchase of books and supplies must be applied for separately.)

California Adult Education Program: Adult education providers across California can help laid-off workers complete a wide variety of education and employment goals, such as completing a high school diploma or equivalency, improving English skills, exploring other career opportunities, and more.

Health Workforce Initiative: For those seeking more information about healthcare careers, explore healthcare programs and career pathways offered at California Community Colleges here.

Career Training for Retail/Hospitality/Tourism (RHT) workers:For those who seek more training in the hospitality/tourism sector, find out about specific RHT programs here.

Other CA Community College Student Resources

Local Community Colleges

With the economic uncertainty facing so many hospitality and lodging workers, the California Community Colleges represent a possible opportunity to either improve existing skills or to learn new ones.

The seven community colleges in the Greater Sacramento area offer a vast array of educational degrees and certificates, including a wide variety of career and technical options. Click and learn more below.